Become a global BENCHMARK company RECOGNIZED by consumers for developing products and services that Make PeopleĀ“s Daily Lives Easier.


Transparency: because we believe in Commercial Ethics

Focus on Service: because we believe that quality begins with an excellent service

Sustainability: because we believe in making a better planet for our children.

Confidentiality: because we believe that synergies between companies can be achieved.Commitment

Commitment: because we believe in being fully dedicated to those who trust us.


Quality: because we respect our consumers, co workers and suppliers that trust our brands.

Autonomy: because we keep our values despite of any situation.

Speed to market: because we understand that the opportunities are for a limited time.

Responsibility: because we act analyzing all the potential consequences of our decisions.


Act with agility and Flexibility, aligned with our "Speed to Market" Policy.

Focus on our Customers and consumers, aligned with our "Focus on Service" Value and our "Quality" Policy.

Take Personal Ownership of the Brands, aligned with our "Commitment" Value and our "Responsibility" Policy.

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